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Open sandwiches

Sandwiches based on good ingredients

Restaurant Kronborg

Restaurant Kronborg is all about homemade food and cosiness. 

We aim to serve tasty food focusing on the traditional Danish open sandwiches (‘smørrebrød’ [ˈsmɶɐ̯ʌˌbʁœðˀ]), great drinks and coffee brewed with passion.

All in a cosy space where our guests feel welcome and have a great time.

In short: The kind of place we would like to visit in our own free time…

We are proud of

Restaurant Kronborg

Restaurant Kronborg is enormously proud of our various nominations and awards. 


  • Hearring of the season 115 DKK

    aromatic herring with fresh herbs

  • Old-fashioned marinated herring 100 DKK

    med løg og kapers

  • Old-fashioned pickled herring 100 DKK

    with onion and capers

  • Curried herring 110 DKK

    with “smiling” eggs, onion and capers

  • Pan-fried herring in its own pickle 115 DKK

    with onion and capers

  • ‘Christiansøpigens’ pickled herring 120 DKK

    with onion and capers

  • Kronborg’s “aquavit sandwich” 115 DKK

    Potatoes with old-fashioned marinated herring, mayonnaise, fresh herbs and red onion

  • Herring platter 180 DKK

    pickled, curried and pan-fried herring

  • Pan-fried, salted herring 110 DKK

    with beetroots, soft onions and mustard

Fish & shrimps

  • Pan-fried fillet of plaice 140 DKK

    with ‘remoulade’ and lemon

  • Pan-fried fillet of plaice 150 DKK

    with hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps, “dillnaise” and lemon

  • Greenlandic shrimps 145 DKK

    (hand-peeled) with mayonnaise and lemon

  • “Skagen Toast” 150 DKK

    shrimp ‘salad’ on butter-fried bread

  • Kronborg’s gravlax 140 DKK

    with sweet lime crème

  • Smoked Greenlandic halibut 145 DKK

    with scrambled eggs

  • Smoked Salmon 150 DKK

    with scrambled eggs

  • Smoked salmon 150 DKK

    with crisp fennel and crème of smoked cheese

  • Smoked eel 170 DKK

    with scrambled eggs


  • Pan-fried veal liver 135 DKK

    with salt-cured bacon and pickled cucumber

  • Pickled veal tongue 115 DKK

    with relish and crème of horseradish

  • Liver paté 110 DKK

    with salt-cured bacon, beetroots and mushrooms

  • Roastbeef with crisp onions 120 DKK

    ‘remoulade’ and horseradish

  • Roastbeef with a fried egg 125 DKK

    pan-fried onions and pickled cucumber

  • Traditional Danish meat balls 110 DKK

    with red cabbage and pickled cucumber

  • Roast Pork 115 DKK

    with red cabbage and pickled cucumber

  • Pork tenderloin 135 DKK

    with mushrooms á la crème and pickled cucumbers

  • Calf brisket 115 DKK

    with creamy horseradish and relish

  • Steak tartare 145 DKK

    with a raw egg yolk and all the trimmings

  • Traditional Danish hamburger 155 DKK

    with a raw egg yolk and all the trimmings

  • ‘The Vet’s Midnight Snack’ 115 DKK

    Danish classic with pickled meat, liver paté, red onions, cress and meat jelly

Poultry & vegetables

  • ‘Hen salad’ 115 DKK

    with mushrooms, asparagus and salt-cured bacon

  • Potato 105 DKK

    with salt-cured bacon, mayonnaise and onion

  • Eggs with hand-peeled shrimps 125 DKK

    mayonnaise, lemon and dill


  • Broccoli “meatballs” 120 DKK

    with garlic mayonnaise and pickled red cabbage

  • Mushroom paté 110 DKK

    with beetroots and pickled cucumber

  • Avocado 140 DKK

    roasted rye bread with cilantro and herbal salad


  • Vesterhavsost 105 DKK

    (dry, mature Danish cheese) with fruit compote

  • Mature cheese served with rum 115 DKK

    lard, meat jelly and raw onion

  • Blå Kornblomst 105 DKK

    (Danish organic blue cheese) with onion and a raw egg yolk

  • Fried Camembert 115 DKK

    served with black currantjam


  • Chocolate 90 DKK

    cake with berries and vanilla ice cream

  • Apple cake 80 DKK

    traditional danish with port wine

  • Petit Four 45 DKK

Our reviews

We have 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google


One of Copenhagen’s best classic smørrebrød restaurants, fine selection of homemade schnapps and, not least, fantastic service from the staff – attentive, humorous and full of personality. 

– Morten Mørup Jepsen


Super good breakfast place. The food was absolutely perfect and top quality. I dropped my fish fillet on the floor, but the good waiter immediately brought a new one. It was service at a high level! See you again soon! 

– Simon Falk


Super lunch cafe with classic smørrebrød and with a positive twist of something new. So delicious, sweet service and always nicely covered. Toilets are nice. The restaurant is highly recommended.

– Lone Siesing